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Tranquility and profound states of focus and calm, at Mindplace® we help you follow your vision! Like a spiritual retreat, from the first moment you ‘plug-in’, you’ll synchronize your consciousness to heightened states. Light and Sound Technology makes the experience of Zen-like mindfulness and inner peace possible, and can break habitual undesired states like anger and restlessness. A session on one of our mind machines will settle and compose your mind as well as enhance your mood.

Engineering Pioneers

MindPlace was there at the beginning with the meditation technology revolution. We’ve been ahead of the curve since 1988. Our mission is to provide tools for the inner explorer to create a more enlightened and enjoyable life.


MindPlace manufactures a system to fit your budget: Our most mature product yet, the Kasina our latest light sound entrainment system - what makes it unique is that we've built in an MP3 player and included an 8 GB microSD card with over 50 audio-visual excursions, to the unsurpassed power and crisp visuals of the Procyon, to the the classic, creative, most for the money Proteus. Simple and effective, our ThoughtStream Personal Biofeedback System teaches you how to control your responses to stress. Through tuning into the messages from your own body you can learn to stay calm and focused in stressful situations. Our expertise and your passion make a potent combination.

A Company you can trust

MindPlace provides excellent customer service and a two year warranty on product consoles. We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Listen to your Body

Activate your Mind

Entertaining Entrainment

With the ThoughtStream(TM) Personal Biofeedback System, stress is no longer a silent killer. By tuning in to your states of arousal and relaxation with clear, scientific indicators, you are empowered to conquer anxiety and maximize peace, focus, and rest. Experience proven technology trusted by thousands of contented customers.

Portable, affordable, and powerful.

Light and Sound Meditation Machines simply astound. MindPlace Mind Machines utilize precisely timed patterns of psychedelic color and sound to guide your mind on an amazing journey toward centered awareness. We make the extraordinary affordable with a system for any budget, each one a masterpiece of sight and sound.

Dazzling, dream machines.

AudioStrobe® adds more Awesome --audio voyages and soundscapes combined with intricate synchronized patterns of stimulating mind mandalas. Take a trip beyond the conceivable, with ease, grace and cadence. Every MindPlace device is built to decode AudioStrobe...we showcase bliss from the best in the business...

AudioVisual Extravaganzas.

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